Monday, January 14, 2008

Blogging..The Good The Bad And The Ugly..

Muje ek topic ki thalash tha... nd last night i had peeped into a shw on NDTV... the hot topic on discussion was "BLOGGIN"... nd thought f writin somthin abt it...
So wat is dis bloggin all about.. For some people its more like a personal diary.. A public place where you can express yourself.. And somtimes the easiest path to become famous.. A way to communicate with people world wide... The famous blogs are mostly not personal ones...but on politics..current etc..
Like any other famous trends "blogs" also hav made der stories in news papers nd magazines..
And reading all those.. purani khayalom vale hamare "elders" would say.."emmm..bloggin.. ajkal ki bachom bhi na..,it would be good if controlled and kids need to stick to good topics.." should blogs need to be censored!!!! By de way wat d you mean by de word 'good topics' ?? I would say its all about one's choice... u choose topics you like to write.. spill out anything nd everything you want... And if you dont want to read... dont read... if you want to comment... g for it... its upto your will... And the best thing about blogging is that you dont need anybody's consent... nor have to wait for a publisher...
'm not a regular blogger... nor hav so much readers... bt i lik t be into dis...
Cheers to all bloggers :)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

For the time being 'm BAD...

Now its going to be 6 months by de end f Jan, i've been in an idle state... nd having no way to kill my time..but only letting myself go to hell.. Its only some movies that helped.. I got to see some wonderful films by this time.. "Downloadin nd Watchin" pichele kuch mahinom se yehi rehi meri sindhagi.. "frustrated yet smiling".. nd nw its gettin worse.. i'm deadly.. ab movie dekhne keliye bhi mood nehi reha.. I donno why 'm writin this post.. may b t let u knw dat for de tim being 'm BAD.. really bad..
"Wat are you doin these days??"
"Any news frm ur company??"
"Why dont u join a course??"
"Be optimistic.."
"Dont get wrried it 'll b ovr once u get ur doj."
"HELP !!!!!!!!"

Friday, November 9, 2007

Abraham Silberschatz nd Me...

For the kind information of non-IT students... Silberschatz is the author of a text book on Operating System. In my four years of study in the Engg skool, i have bought only 3 texts... And among those three.. this Silberschatz vala text is the one i loved the most.. i've 2 reasons for that.. one is; its of perfect size.. (thickness..of 1 1/2 ") jus a correct piece on which i can rest my head.. the second reason and the prime thing is that, i've studied this book twice...

Woh kya hai ki... pehli bar university walom ne kuch esa question paper diya tha ki mein 30 min's mein xam finish kiya.. so i was enforced to write an improvement... the so called SUPPLEMENTARY..

Hamare is rishthe ko mein kya naam dhu.. mein ne ek puree raath uske saath beethe tha.. never boring with him.. the more i knew him.. the more i was falling for him.. ehemmm... sorry.. falling on him.. with my eyes closed(Zzzzzzz...) and woke up only when i heard my roomee shouting.."tum ne kal light off nehi kiya kya.."

This paper was in our 5th semester.. and in s6, when i was attending the interview of tata elxsi..

I was asked about my favorite subject.. and i said 'Data Structures' ... He asked for ma second fav... nw i said.. 'C.. C++...' the man wanted to hear OS from me... He asked me..."wat about OS??" Ohh no... not OS!! He asked me some questions on memory management.. CPU scheduling and all.. i could manage them... but when he started asking about LINUX,UNIX and all.. meri bolthi banth hogayi thi.. Now, even after studying it for the second time.. i dont have the guts to list it with my fav subjects..

But i simply love Silbeschatz.. ;)

Dear God...

Dear God, sometimes
The whole day wrong..
I don’t know why
I do things wrong..
I ‘m sorry God
For days like these
And hope you’ll forgive me..
And grant me God
A chance I pray
To do my best
Another day..

-------- got to learn this prayer in my 2nd or 3rd standard.. had pasted it to mind forever...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

April Fool !!!

It was April 1st….. During the 5 min gap got after a very boring 1 hr lecture, I was walking through the corridor... Some friends of mine from polymer came to me… And they asked if I could do a favor for dem…. Dey wanted me to help them fool a teacher (male) of their dept… “Oh guys… I hav already got a gud impression in this cllge… don’t make it worse ” said I ...
But they were not leaving me…. “He wont ever get to know that its u… we ‘ll dial his no… you have to say some dialogues … bas kaam hatham…. Jus 1 min ki bath hai… please di…….”
After all its jus for fun….. I agreed “Ok… kya bolna hai…”
They wanted me to pretend as a girl loving him.. that teacher….
The guys were standing beside me…… they dialed the no… and gave the cell to me….

Sir: hello…….
Me: hello… is this xyz sir…..
Sir: yes….
Me: Sir I’m a student of urs… Are you coming to college today…..
Sir: No, I’ve taken leave today….why??
Me: I wanted to tell you something…. Emm….emmm…I love you…
Sir: (mute…)
Before I heard anything from the other side… I ended the the call….

“Now its over.. don’t ever let him know that it was me… ” I said to them…
“Thanks di“

So I got into my class …my teacher was already in the class for the next hour…
Not before 10 mins was over…the guys appeared infront of my class..
One of them asked the teacher…”sir… manju … ”
I went out of the class….. “Now what???”
“Di… the sir is calling back….. just one more time… ”
“No no… what ‘ll I say….”
The cell was ringing…. That was him... xyz sir….They handed me the phone…..

Me: Why did you call me…. I was in the class…(actually I forgot that I was talking to a teacher..)
Sir: ok… I’m coming to college this afternoon…. Shall we meet…
Baapre….. ab kya….
The guys signed me to tell him to come behind the library.
Me: behind the library……
Sir: k..
Me: hmm

De conversation was over…
The boys looked so satisfied…..
That afternoon…. I didn’t even look to the side of library...hehe..And I didn’t know if sir was there or.. what happened….Days passed by… whenever I see that teacher passing by me… I think about that call….(ennalum sir kollamallo….)
I think he doesn’t still know that it was me… I believe so….
May be the sir should be thinking the same way… (ennalum aa pennu kollamallo…)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Saving your Ransom..

Most of you guys may have started earning some bugs of your own.. or you 'll be, in a couple of yrs... Somebody 've said that the best way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket.. in short, not to spend. But for most of us, the smarter way to live is to spend.. to meet our lifestyle. Well there is a third option, Invesments. At once you get into a job,a lot of people, the so called agents of different labels 'll be approaching you.. mein Insurance agents ki bath kar rehi hoo.. It 'll be wise to take 'one', seeing into its benifits.. after all it exempts you from tax to some extend. Here you'll have to make your termly payment as per the scheme, and you get the whole amount refunded, once it get matured. Another way of investing your money, (if you have some really gud amount..) is on Land and Property. Something very reasonable. You guys may be knowing how the the value of properties is increasing, particularly in cities, despite of all the pollution threats. Now the most popular, yet risky one, is putting you money on Share Business. If you are not good at it, i advise you not to, coz you could end up losing money.. But if you are good in picking up the right shares, you 'll make huge gains. Its like risk it all to win it all...

After all these... money is not everything... it is to be spend... and save something so that you'll not be upset in your future...

--------- somebody wanted me to write such a post... something i was not really intrested to... neways its for you man... nd i've not used " Ctrl+ C nd Ctrl+ V " hehe.... "Not in my Blog....Never"